On the 1. of March 2018 fate wanted me to moved into a very large house in Nordlangeland, and right away I thought it would be ideal to do a paper cutting workshops.
Now I have set some dates for possible workshops. I have chosen the times because they are in the period when you are cutting letters, and the letters are such a good starting point to get into some of the paper cut's workflows and features.
I am very much looking forward to trying to carry out my plans for workshops and I sincerely welcome you in advance to join us.workshop langeland

bronzegridA couple of years ago, I was contacted by the Danish council for the Odense Cathedral, and asked, if I would like to make some paper clips that would form the basis of some bronze-grids, which were to be in different places in the cathedral floor, covering a new ventilation system.

It was an incredibly wonderful job, calling for awe and reverence, and I have enjoyed working with it. Continuous motifs in the grids are a crucifix pattern; a closed crucifix alternates with an open. The crucifix pattern has the grids in common, but in addition they differ from each other by a area inspired by the history of "Knud the holy one".

The Albanian Foundation has ensured the project was implemented. My paper version is now in bronze in the cathedral floor and was inaugurated on June 12.

I am looking forward to showing my works during the Rose festival in Bogense in August. It will be a great exhibition with a variety of exhibited paper clips.

May 4, Mayor Tonni Hansen opened the Art Tower of Langeland, which I was asked to decorate. The tower is close to my residence, and for motive I have chosen some of the many animals that lives in the area where I live.

The work is 3 m high, made of rusty iron, and its title is: "Dyrene omkring mig". "The animals around me".

Together with twelve other artists from Langeland I participated in the Easter 2019 exhibition in Stoense Church. The exhibition resulted in my work "Flugten til Ægypten" being acquired and is now permanently to be found in Stoense Church.

March 10, 2019, an exhibition that I had attended in SAK in Svendborg, "Eldorado" ended.

The artists invited to the exhibition were asked to be inspired by objects from the Svendborg Museum's archives. I myself worked from a blue silk purse donated by Frederik the 6th to an admiral Riisbrich after the Battle of Copenhagen in year 1801. I very much enjoyed working on the works the came out of the effort. 

In January 2019, an exhibition ended, which I had had in Elsted Sognegård from September 2018. Three large paper clips for Grundtvig's "Tag det sorte kors fra graven" were purchased for decorating the chancel's office.

In the autumn of 2018, Hotel Odeon was opened in Odense. I performed paper clips to H.C. Andersen's fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling", "Thumbelina", "The Tinder-box" and the "The Swineherd". The Paper clips were then reproduced via laser cutting. The clips were numbered and signed and are now distributed in Hotel Odeon's 234 rooms.